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“The dental project is building a new dental clinic in Kabul, and the clinic is about two-thirds complete.  The clinic will train Afghan dentists to provide state-of-the-art dental treatment, and will provide that treatment to wealthy Afghans and foreigners working in Afghanistan for a fee.  The fee will be used to support the cost of treating over 20,000 poor Afghans each year in our free clinic.  Other clinics will also be developed in needy areas as a result of these funds.  Equipment for the new clinic is being shipped from California and China, and is expected to arrive in about two months.  Volunteers from around the world will then gather at the site and install the equipment to make the clinic functional.  Anyone is invited to help with this; just be prepared to pay travel and personal expenses yourself.  Developing this clinic is costing about $50,000, so please help us pay for all of this by going to the “DONATE” icon and helping however you can.  By the arrival of fall, we expect this clinic to be in full operation.  Thank you for doing what you can to see that this effort is successful.  We feel that Afghanistan needs support to re-establish its technical infrastructure and its economic foundation, in order to re-establish itself as a self-sufficient nation.  Our approach is to empower the Afghan people to do just that."

Thank you for your help and support.   

Dr. James Rolfe,
President and Founder


“ADRP is happy to welcome Dr. Martin Kim, periodontist from Vancouver, BC, Canada as a member of the Board of Directors of the Afghanistan Dental Relief Project.”

The project.

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Dr. Rolfe has recently returned from Afghanistan. He was working at the new Dental Clinic of Kabul that he helped establish. Things are progressing at the clinic well. There are a few people working full time to maintain the center, as well as a full time instructor training the new students. We need your help.

   In January 2009, our volunteer center in Kabul opened. With seven bedrooms and complete utilities, we will be able to host many volunteers in complete comfort and security. In November 2008, our clinic arrived in Kabul, along with 120,000 pounds of dental equipment and supplies and was installed on land next-door to the volunteer center.

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We need your help now.

  • Consider an internship with ADRP, helping us realize our goals in a region where communities will immediately benefit from your engagement.
  • Help us raise funds for the shipping of the third container, with an additional 40,000 pounds of dental supplies and equipment.
  • Volunteer your skills to provide dental services at the clinic.

We have already gathered and shipped most of the needed large dental equipment. However, we could use your expertise and manpower! Thanks to all that have donated generously already! 100% of your donations go towards the project.





The Afghanistan Dental Relief Project (ADRP)
31 East Canon Perdido Street, Santa Barbara, Ca 93101
a 501C3 Non-Profit Charitable Organization


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