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Dr. James Rolfe, Dental Assistant Haley Parlen and Filmmaker Karlos Benavides on the way to Afghanistan.

Volunteering in Afghanistan

   Thank you for your interest in helping the poor people of Afghanistan, through our project. Our organization was formed in 2003 to address the extreme needs of the under-privileged people of Afghanistan, by providing dental treatment and education in dental technology to orphans, widows, handicapped, and socially disadvantaged citizens there.

  Ninety percent of Afghans have no access to dental care, and often die from acute septicemia caused by multiple abscessed teeth. Over three million orphans, one-tenth of the Afghan population, have no future without education. One dentist exists for 250,000 Afghan citizens, and essentially no care is available outside of major cities. ADRP wants to train dental assistants, dental hygienists, and dental laboratory technicians to supplement the shortage of dental personnel in Afghanistan. In addition, our modern clinic in Kabul, with three dentists working full-time, provides treatment for about 35 patients each day, and is open throughout the year.

  Our goal is to continue to expand the treatment and training possibilities to improve access to care and to education in dentistry. We invite all interested people to participate by volunteering to work in our clinics, teach in our technology schools, contribute funds or supplies or other resources, aid in non-dental ways, or whatever you feel is possible.

  Our modern guest house is available to support volunteers with every resource: laundry, meals, hot showers, comfortable beds in semi-private rooms, and internet. Our driver can pick you up at the airport and take you shopping or sight-seeing. Our organic kitchen garden will provide you with fresh salads and vegetables. We have taken extra steps to ensure that you will be comfortable and secure. Our staff of nine people speak English, and are able to communicate with you regarding your needs.

  Air travel reservations can be made through Pamir Travels (hashmat@pamirtravels.com). Flights usually travel through Dubai, and then on to Kabul. Consult your travel physician for immunization requirements. Passports must be submitted to the Embassy of Afghanistan in Washington, DC, along with a document from us describing your stay and purpose of travel. Short-term volunteers are asked to pay their travel expenses and $15 a day for board and room. Teachers in the dental technology program may ask for a subsidy for their expenses if they are committing for a four-month teaching position. Please communicate your unanswered questions to adrp@verizon.net. Also, check under Travel Information for more. Thank you!

Afghanistan Visa website

Visa Application Form (Dari).pdf

Visa Application Form (English).pdf



ADRP-Agreement with the Rotary Club of Kabul


Scott Savre above is an ADRP hero ... he has worked many many selfless hours...
"Thanks Scott you are a hero!"