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    Help us provide free dental treatment for the needy, and teach methods of preventative dental care.

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100% of donations are applied directly to the Project expenses; ADRP has no salaried employees; all staff are volunteers.
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We welcome participation by dental professionals from around the world. For more information about volunteering, please contact our headquarters at adrp@verizon.net. Volunteers pay their own expenses and $15 a day for board and room while staying at our project location. Full-service accommodations in local guest houses are also available for those desiring more support, at a somewhat higher cost.
While there is some risk associated with volunteering, no one has had any problem since our program began. A visa must be obtained from the Afghan Consulate in Washington, DC, requiring a support letter from our organization regarding the period of your visit. For more information, please contact our headquarters.

Give Back

Give Back

If you are interested in supporting our project by donation, please know that our organization is certified as a 501C3 Non-Profit Corporation, the highest level of non-profit certification by the Internal Revenue Service. Donation of funds or useable materials are deductible through our charity status. For more information, please contact our headquarters at adrp@verizon.net or 805-963-2329.

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The Afghanistan Dental Relief Project


Our Mission

The Afghanistan Dental Relief Project is an organization established to provide dental treatment facilities in underserved areas af Afghanistan, to staff these facilities with volunteers, to train the Afghan people in dentistry and dental technology, to provide dental treatment at no cost to the needy, and to provide instruction in methods of preventative dental care.


The Afghanistan Dental Relief Project

Creation | Phases

Project Phases

The Beginning

In January 2009, our volunteer center in Kabul opened. With seven bedrooms and complete utilities, we will be able to host many volunteers in complete comfort and security. In November 2008, our clinic arrived in Kabul, along with 120,000 pounds of dental equipment and supplies and was installed on land next-door to the volunteer center.


Leadership in Medicine

Our Doctors and Board Members
"Never Give Up. You can make a difference." - Dr. James Rolfe
100% of donations are applied directly to the Project expenses; ADRP has no salaried employees; all staff are volunteers.


ADRP Awards and Press

Awards and Press

The ADRP has been featured in magazines around the world. Read more to see how we are able to bring greeater attention to the dental and medical needs of Afghanistan.


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Frequently Asked Questions

We provide dental services to people in desperate need.

All dental services.

Any supplies that are dental.

Volunteers come from all over the globe as well as well as within Afghanistan.

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Read about the work that our volunteers do.

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Dental Education

Our dental assistant training provides long-term benefits.

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Give Back

We are active in volunteering and doing our part in community leadership.

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View snapshots from our project and the work we do.

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Dental Clinic

Read about our dental clinic and how we help.

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The ADRP in the news.

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