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The ADRP Board of Directors

The Afghanistan Dental Relief Project has a dedicated, all-volunteer board of directors from across the globe who donate their time and expertise in serving the project and help advance the dental infrastructure in Afghanistan.  All our board members travel to Afghanistan regularly to help train, oversee, and to advance the mission of our project.

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Afghanistan has only one dentist for 250,000 population, the project continues to provide free basic treatment at no cost to over 20,000 poor Afghans each year, we provide 4 doctors (2 male and 2 female).

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The ADRP Staff

Some of our dental students are now teachers themselves. These people have become authority figures in a destroyed infrastructure and are playing vital roles in the reconstruction of Afghanistan. Our mostly women graduate go into the male-dominated dental profession as mentors, creating safer, healthier, and more productive environments for Afghan dentists and patients. We have a dental hygienist, 2 dental assistants, receptionist, and clinic manager. 


Local Volunteers

Calling all dental professionals, public health professionals, students in these fields, anyone with experience in grant writing, proposals and fundraising.  

About Us

Dr. James Rolfe

President and Founder, DMD

Dr. Rolfe is a dentist from Santa Barbara, California. He founded Afghanistan Dental Relief Project in 2003 first in the province of Wardak, Afghanistan. He quickly realized that there were many people in Afghanistan suffering from dental problems and could either not access good care or could not afford it and were dying from untreated tooth abscesses. He founded the project to treat many of the disadvantaged such as the poor, orphans, widowed, and those who simply could not access dental care. In 2008, he moved the project to Kabul and along with our clinic that provides free services he has established a dental assisting program, dental hygiene training course, and dental technician training all at no cost. In the winter of 2015 he opened our new modern clinic which focuses on more advanced dental procedures. He is the winner of the 2010 U.S. National Award for Citizen Diplomacy. Aside from overseeing all activities of the project, he also stays busy in his own practice in Santa Barbara.

Read the interview with Dr. Rolfe

Saher Popal

ADRP Board Member, Dental Professional

Saher is an Afghan American dental professional and has worked in the dental field for over 12 years. She has been with Afghanistan Dental Relief Project since 2015. Saher has experience in the field of dental assisting, dental office management, dental assisting training, and dental public health. She holds a Bachelor of Science in Public Health and is working towards a Masters in Global Public Health. She has a strong passion for advancing the oral health of underserved communities globally. She works with the clinic staff training them on effective office management techniques and patient management as well as community outreach. She works closely with the clinic manager and board of directors to make sure daily operations run smoothly, and resources are delivered.

Recently Saher started and implemented a maternity and child outreach program as well as a school oral health project for the kabul city schools.

Dr. Martin Kim

Periodontist, Board Member

Dr. Kim is a periodontist from Vancouver, BC, Canada. Dr. Kim is an active member of the dental community and an expert in his field. Aside from his own private practice he also is an instructor in the field of periodontology. He has been a part of the Afghanistan Dental Relief Project since 2012. Dr. Kim volunteers his time and travels yearly to the clinic in Kabul and works closely with the clinic staff to help advance phases of the project. He has also been our main negotiator with the Afghan government. In addition, he has helped train the doctors on modern periodontal and oral surgery techniques. Dr. Martin has also worked closely with orphanages to provide oral health instructions and treatment at our clinic.

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