The Afghanistan Dental Relief Project

Phases of The Project

"Never Give Up. You can make a difference." - Dr. James Rolfe
Phases of The Project

The Beginning

In November 2008, our clinic arrived in Kabul, along with 120,000 pounds of dental equipment and supplies and was installed on land next-door to the volunteer center. In January 2009, our volunteer center in Kabul opened. With seven bedrooms and complete utilities, we will be able to host many volunteers in complete comfort and security.

Phases of The Project
Phase ONE

The project started with Dr. Rolfe taking what equipment he could strap on his back and travel thru the countryside of Afghanistan in 2003. He landed in a small province called Wardak. There he tirelessly helped orphans and widows from dawn to dusk, and then into the night. He gained the trust of the locals and found that the people of Afghanistan were a proud and noble people and needed, or more that they deserved our help. Though a success for starters, the local warlord "borrowed" the equipment Dr. Rolfe had left behind, for his return trip. He also noticed that the kids and women were very quick learners and were able to assist by watching the person in front of them, and so on.

Phases of The Project
Phase TWO

This led to an epiphany, "Why can't we create an area where the equipment will be safe and that different dentists could spend time helping and training people? We could use those old shipping containers. They are a safe and solid steel construction. " He then set out to build such a place. He gathered a few 40-foot shipping containers and proceeded to build a 3x dental operatories and laboratory area. The clinic included chairs, x-ray machines and clavitrons. They have their own water sanitizing, plumbing, storage, electrical systems, artwork, music and lots and lots of extra supplies.

Phases of The Project

The next phase of the project was to find land to put the structures on. Dr. Rolfe was in contact with some government officials that were deceitful and tried to take the project for their own once it arrived in Kabul. Thru a monumental effort, he brought the containers all the way from Santa Barbara, California to Kabul, Afghanistan. Just to find out that the "official" that he was working with was just 'playing' Dr. Rolfe and had no intention of making the school an official operating dental facility.
You can imagine the anxiety of struggling so hard to bring something good to the Afghan people just to have it taken by a greedy government official. The politician was more worried about lining his own pocket than helping his own people in need.    He struggled hard with just leaving it for them to take. But, no, it wasn't the right thing to do and he decided to spend the money to send it all the way back home. But, this wasn't the end of the story... no not by a long shot.

Phases of The Project
Phase FOUR

He lamented and agonized over the situation. So far from home and a stranger to these areas. But, he didn't give up. Luckily, thru all his struggles he had met some people who did care about the Afghan people... for the people who came to his rescue were heroes from the Afghan people themselves. The right people in the Afghan government and private parties and organizations heard of the school and loved the idea. The Kabul Dental Clinic and Training Center was born. The shipping containers found a home next to the volunteer center in Kabul. The Kabul Dental Training school is in operation now. Please come and help us! This is truly an effort of many countries and people of all walks of life. But, we have a common desire to help our brothers and sisters in need.

The Next Stage

Phases of The Project
Phase FIVE

The clinic and mobile containers are a working success! As soon as a permanent facility is built then we can send the mobil dental lab to another Province and start the whole training process over again. We are still in the early stages of this process. We need help with manpower and financial donations. We are saving peoples lives with this help.

Phases of The Project

The arrival of the 45-foot shipping container at the site in Kabul was quite an event celebrated by the organization along with on-site staff and volunteers.  The shipment of 50,000 pounds of dental equipment, supplies, construction materials, tools, and food for the staff was unloaded in record time and shelves were put up in the container to organize the supplies.  The next day, construction of the new clinic was updated with electricity and plumbing systems and cabinetry donated by the local ReStore.  In no time, the modern clinic was in operation, providing modern treatment for Afghans normally only available in Dubai or India.  At this time, funds from providing this modern treatment are paying about half of the operating expenses of the project.  In addition, another class of dental assistants was graduated, and the dental laboratory is now making its own porcelain crowns.

The Dental Clinic
Urgent Needs

On another unpleasant note, an unfortunate disaster has occurred.  On Sunday night, February 26, 2017, the commercial building housing the ADRP warehouse and shop caught fire, completely destroying the facility, with nothing salvageable.  Destroyed were high-tech machines for equipping a dental laboratory school, Afghanistan’s first, as well as implant equipment, automated endodontic equipment, supplies, building materials and equipment and tools, valued at over $200,000. The loss was not insured.  ADRP is seeking donations at this time to rebuild this facility and acquire more equipment to continue its work.  The solution to Afghanistan’s problems is the reestablishment of its economy and technical infrastructure.  Please join with us in providing this valuable aid to these poor people, suffering from almost forty years of war.  Please go to the home page and click on the “DONATE” icon!  Thank you from all of us!

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